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Games Industry Cover Letter

March 8, 2013

Mr. Ryan Adams
Project Lead
1022 Michigan Ave. Ste. 1120
Chicago IL 00000

Re: Junior Online Game Developer

Dear Mr. Adams:

After reading about your amazing company, I think I’m the perfect candidate for your junior development position. I recently graduated from the game development program at DePaul University, where I earned a 3.5 GPA and took first place in the 2012 Action Games Contest. I also learned a variety of languages, front-end programs and IDEs while working on student projects.

As you can see, my skills match your top requirements.

Requirement: Perform hands-on software design and development in ActionScript and Flex.
My skills: Designed and developed software and new features using ActionScript and Flex while working as an Intern at Ponder Games. My upgrades received rave reviews from gamers and critics.
Requirement: Willingness to play test games and debug code.
My skills: Play tested and debugged more than 5,000 lines of C++ code in existing games while interning at Hazard Entertainment.
Requirement: Experience with design patterns and refactoring, XML and XML-related APIs.
My skills: Studied design patterns and the application of various refactoring techniques as a means to trigger modifications to designs and programs as part of a student project.

I not only interned at three major game publishers over the last 24 months, I also worked part-time at Coffee House and served as a dorm advisor, proving that I can handle responsibility.

I’ve been a fan of Zombie Invasion for some time. I’d love to create similar games for your company, so please review my resume and portfolio. I’ll call next week to gauge your interest.


Jennifer Johnson

102 Michigan Ave. Apt. C
Chicago, IL. 00000
000.555.1212| |

Attachment: jjohnsonresume
Student project portfolio:


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5 Cover Letters That Worked

The Success Story

The following candidate was looking for a Quality Assurance job in the video game industry. Thanks to his cover letter, he got himself an interview (and the job!).

Notice how he uses the second paragraph to elaborate on his passion for the video game industry, and then offers a couple of brief anecdotes to illustrate that passion. He doesn’t just repeat his resume word-for-word — in fact, he even states that he’s about to share some new information.

He also injects a bit of lighthearted humor into the letter towards the end, giving the employer an idea of how he might fit in with the organization. You don’t want to overdo it with humor, but showing a bit of personality here and there can help set you apart from the crowd.

Dear Hiring Manager,

I saw your job posting for a video game QA position and it caught my interest. My goal is to pursue a career in video game design and my research shows that a QA position is the logical entry-level position.

The enclosed resume details my background but what you won’t see on that resume are my strong analytical skills and passion for video games.

I see the world through a design lens: when traveling in Japan, I met a number of Japanese businessmen. We could not converse due to the language barrier but instead, communicated through a series of video games. Throughout my days, I come across things and can see them as the root of a video game. A recent trip to an older post office had me visualizing a zombie attack. (I actually forgot to mail my letter.) I even create games in my spare time.

I would love the chance to discuss this opportunity with you. tops my list of target employers as it is known as the organization for design and the ability to market the games.

I will plan to call you on November 3rd to follow up. In the interim, my contact information is listed below.


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