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Unpleasant Situation Essay Scholarships

It’s a fact of college-student life: you’re going to have at least one professor that you dislike.

You’ll go to your first day of class thinking that all those Rate-My-Professor reviews you read prepared you well. Then it turns out that most were written by disgruntled students who wanted easy As, and your professor’s tough but fair and you know you’ll thrive in the class. But this is a best-case scenario.

What happens when you find yourself in a class with a professor that you know you’re going to struggle with all semester?

Bad professors are everywhere: twenty-six year olds straight out of grad school who’ve had no teaching experience whatsoever; pretentious old-timers on the tenure track who don’t bother to learn your name, but spew knowledge at you for two hours straight while you struggle to keep your eyes open; professors who expect the students to teach the class; who skip the basics and move straight to the more advanced, leaving you to flounder all semester. Vague, scatter-brained, uninvolved, et cetera.

It’s important to remember that “bad” is different than “tough.” If you’re really at school to learn—which you should be, considering that you’re paying—then a tough professor will make you work to earn your A, but you’ll get something out of the experience.

You firstly have to know what type of student you are in order to know what type of teacher best suits your needs. That’s why some students love a teacher while others despise him.

Take me and my roommate for example: she’s taking her third class with this one professor that I had last semester and swore I would never take again. I found her nit-picky and controlling; my roommate, on the other hand, thinks she’s fantastic.

But say you’re already in the class. It’s too late to drop or transfer to another section (but do keep these options in mind at the very beginning of the semester). You’re stuck. Now what?

Your best bet is to try talking to your professor. Send him or her a quick email or stop by office hours. This can be particularly helpful if you’re confused by an assignment, a point made in class, or your teacher’s expectations of you. Oftentimes, too, if you make yourself known to your professor, it’ll factor positively into your class participation grade.

You can also try getting together with classmates to study difficult material together, because it’s a safe bet to make that if you’re struggling with the professor, at least one of your fellow classmates is too. Your peers can be a helpful resource to you for navigating the semester.

Try your best. A bad professor, while certainly frustrating, isn’t a reason to give up, especially if you’re concerned about maintaining your GPA. Perseverance and a positive attitude can go a long way. If you are seriously concerned about your professor’s teaching abilities, be sure to complete a teacher evaluation at the end of the semester, or to take it a step further and talk to the head of the department.

And if you really don’t think you can last the whole semester, consider your options for withdrawing from the course.

Keep in mind, however, that while this is a viable option, it should be used only as a very last resort. Withdrawing from a course will set you behind in credits and can have adverse effects on your full-time status and financial aid.

Check your school’s policy on withdrawal. I know that at my school a withdrawal will go on your academic transcript, and while it won’t affect your GPA, it will reflect whether you were passing or failing at the time of withdrawal.

But if you stick it out, keep your head up. All students can probably agree that a bad professor will make your entire semester nightmarish. Hopefully these tips will make your dud of a professor more bearable.

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ACC Scholarships - Deadlines vary

American Psychological Association Scholarships, Grants an Awards -  Deadlines Vary 

Scholarship Deadlines by Month -  Deadlines Vary 

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A No Essay Scholarship   This is not college nor major specific.  

Imagine America Foundation-  Deadlines Vary; Geared for trade school students.


Local Scholarships

Cherry Gray P.E.O Scholarship -  Deadline:  January 31, 2018   Must be female to apply. 

United Heritage Community Scholarship -  Deadline:  February 15, 2018

Hays County A & M Mothers Club - Deadline:  March 7, 2018

PEC COOP Scholarships -  Deadline:  March 21, 2018   Two of our 2017 graduates won scholarship money last year. 

DSHS Tennis Scholarship -  Deadline: March 29, 2018

Austin Area CTE Scholarship Oppotrunities -  Deadline:  March 31, 2018 

Austin Community College Foundation Scholarships -  Deadline:  April 1, 2018

Young Women's Alliance -  Deadline April 1, 2018 

Dripping Springs Lions Club Scholarship -  Deadline:  April 2, 2018

Ann Hohman Scholarship -  Deadline:  April 2, 2018  For future educators. 

Dripping Springs Rotary Scholarship -  Deadline:  April 2, 2018

DSABC Scholarship -  Deadline:  April 6, 2018

Dripping Springs Women's Club Scholarship -  Deadline:  April 9, 2018

Dripping Springs Order of the Eastern Star -  Deadline:  April 10, 2018

Dripping Springs A & M Club - Deadline:  April 10, 2018

DSHS PTSA Scholarship -  Deadline:  April 13, 2018   Applicant must be a current PTSA member as of 11/15/17.

Dripping Springs Theatre Booster Club Scholarship -  Deadline:  April 15, 2018

Stephen and Caroline Bradford Entrepreneurial Scholarship -  Deadline:  April 30, 2018   

Brittany Tuck Scholarship -  Deadline:  May 4, 2018


The expired scholarships are left up for reference only. Scroll down for current scholarship opportunities.   

TAR Creative Content Writing Scholarship-  Deadline:  September 30, 2017

Hiking Ambition Wellness Scholarship -  Deadline:  September 30, 2017

Voy Media Entrepreneur Scholarship -  Deadline:  September 30, 2017

The Beauty + Wellness Scholarship -  Deadlines:  September 30, 2017, Jan. 1, 2018 ,Mar. 31, 2018 , June 30,2018.  This scholarship is awared every quarter.  Students are asked to write a brief 500 word essay on their experiences maintaining health + wellness while enrolled in school. 

Amazelaw Scholarship -  Deadlines:  September 30, 2017, January 15, 2018 and March 31, 2018.  This scholarship is run three times a year.  Type a 500-1000 word essay on the following question: What types of legal penalities would you believe would effectively deter drivers from texting while driving.

 Maid Sailors Scholarship -  Deadline : Sept 30, 2017
Create a 2-4 minute video explaining why you think education is the key to a brighter future, and how you can shape society. 

Hispanic Heritage Scholarship -  Deadline Oct. 2, 2017

Wendy's Heisman Scholarship -  Deadline: Oct. 2, 2017

United States Presidential Scholars -  Deadline:  Oct. 6, 2017

Coca Cola Scholars Program Scholarship -  Deadline: Oct. 31,2017

Real Estate Scholarship -  Deadline:  Oct. 31, 2017

Furious Grill Eat Healthy Scholarship -  Deadline:  Nov. 15,2017

Internet Marketing Scholarship  -  Deadline:  Nov. 30,2017

Griswold Home Care Annual Scholarship -  Deadline: Nov. 30, 2017

The Uncomfortable Scholarship -  Deadline:  Dec. 1, 2017. It's a fact of life that sometimes we’ll find ourselves in some not-so-comfortable situations. But it’s overcoming these challenges that make us grow. Tell your story about how you faced an uncomfortable situation and how you handled it.

Pillow For Life Scholarship -  Deadline:  Dec. 15, 2017

Lead Roster B2B Sales & Marketing -  Deadline:  Dec. 15, 2017

Houzz Scholarship Opportunities -  Deadline:  Dec. 15, 2017   Geared for the student interested in Architecture, Residential Design and Construction Management

The SEO &Content Marketing -  Deadline:  Dec. 15, 2017

Discover Student Loans Scholarship -  Deadline:  Dec. 31, 2017

NHS Scholarship -  Deadline:  Jan. 30, 2018

A+Federal Credit Union -  Deadline:  February 5, 2018

Design a Better Future -  Deadline:  February 11,2018

University of Houston Frontier Fiesta 2018 Scholarship -  Deadline:  February 15, 2018   Offered to incoming freshmen who will be attending the University of Houston.

TXDOT Engineering Scholarship Opportunities -  Deadline:  March 1, 2018

Austin Board of Realtors Scholarship -  Deadline:  March 2, 2018 

Microsoft DisAbility Scholarship -  Deadline:  March 15, 2018 

Phi Delta Kappa ( PDK) Prospective Educator Scholarship -  Deadline:  March 21, 2018  Application procedures and guidelines. 

Hispanic Scholarship Fund -  Deadline:  March 30, 2018

Texas Rural Education Association Scholarship -  Deadlline April 1, 2018   Intended for the future teacher.   

Young Women's Alliance Scholarship -  Deadline:  April 1, 2018                                                                          

Wedding Retouching Scholarship - Deadline:  April 24, 2018

Texas Interscholastic League Foundation- Deadline:  May 11, 2018    TILF provides scholarships to students who participate in UIL academic and music competitions.  Aug. 31, 2018 

Fannie Bowzer and Gomillion Byars Scholarship -  Deadline:  April  25, 2018    Must be African American to apply. 

iVisa Annual Scholarship -  Deadline:  May 15, 2018
Write a 500 word story.  The story must discuss how you learned a new culture, and how the cultural experience improved your life.  

Best Mattress Reviews Scholarship -  Deadline: May 19, 2018

Quit Smoking Scholarship -  Deadline:   May 31, 2018

Ziprecruiter Scholarship -  Deadline:  June 30, 2018 Financial Futures Scholarship -  Deadline:  July 31, 2018 

Aspiring Nurse Scholarship  -  Deadline August 31, 2018 

Annual $2400 Student Scholarship  -  Deadline August 31, 2018

The Unsullyd Annual $2000 Student Scholarship Program -  Deadline:  October 31, 2018.  Write a word articile on the topic " The Power of Natural Skin Care and Organic Makeup"