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Child Labour Essay In English 250 Words Definitions

Child Labor Essay (250 Words):
Child labor is a curse on our lives.Not all children in India are lucky to enjoy their childhood. Many of them are forced to work in inhumane conditions. Where there is no end to their grief. Although there are laws prohibiting child labor. Still, children continue to be exploited as cheap labor. The reason for this is that the officials are unable to implement laws to protect the children from being engaged as laborers.

India has not yet succeeded in stopping child labor. Unfortunately, the actual number of child labor in India can not be ascertained. Children are forced to work without adequate food, proper wages, and rest. They are subject to physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

Causes of child labor

Due to poverty, lack of social security, the increasing difference between the rich and the poor, children have adverse effects compared to any other group. We have failed to provide universal education. As a result, children have to leave school and enter labor power. The decrease in parental jobs in the recession, the farmers’ suicide, the armed struggle and the high cost of health care are other factors contributing to child labor.


Under unhealthy circumstances, there is a need to divert government officials and civil society organizations to free the children engaged in labor. They should be protected against exploitative working conditions and should be supported with the adequate education. At the top, there is a need to create a public opinion in order to bring an effective policy initiative to end child labor in all forms.

Child Labour Essay 350 Words

In India, there are many temples of Child Lord like Ganesh, Hanuman, Krishna, and Gopal etc. According to Indian philosophy, the child form itself is considered as the form of God. Dhruv, Prahalad, Love-Kush, and Abhimanyu still live in India’s hearts and minds all around.

The situation of poor children in today’s time is not good. Child labor is one of the serious evils of society. The future of poor children is dark. The poor children are being neglected all over the world and they have to face trials. They are fired from school and have to be deprived of education, as well as forced to child labor.

The situation of poor girls in the society is even more fragile. The immature child works as a child as a home service provider. They work in hotels, factories, shops, and construction sites and also run rickshaws. Even they are seen to carry out the form of serious and dangerous work in the factories.

According to Article 24 of the Constitution of India, 1950, employment will not be given in any factory or mine under the age of 14 years. In this regard, the Indian legislature has also made provisions in the Factory Act, 1948 and Children Act, 1960. The Child Labor Act, 1986, etc. reflects the initiative of the Government of India to protect the rights of children. According to Article 45 of Indian Constitution, the responsibility of states is to provide necessary and free education for children.

For the last few years, appreciable steps have been taken by the Government of India and the State Governments in this regard. Many programs and policies have been created for the education and improvement of children, and meaningful efforts have been made in this direction. But the problem of child labor remains the same even today.

There is no doubt that the problem of child labor should be solved as quickly as possible. It is a serious social evil and it must end with root.

Essay on Child Labor in India

India is a large country. People of all religions, castes, and various sects reside in this country. After achieving independence, the country has established new dimensions of success.

In the modern race of development, we are walking on the shoulders with other countries. But there are many problems like population growth, casteism, languages, unemployment, dearness etc. which have not been diagnosed, but their roots are becoming even deeper. Child labor is also a problem which is gradually taking its expanses.

This problem is often born of family poverty. In our country, there are still millions of people who are living below poverty line. Such people get enough bread after great difficulty and tireless work.

In these circumstances, they have to face great difficulty to bring up their children. When circumstances become very unfavorable, they have to force their children to work- ie. in any employment. In this way these children begin to live a laboring life, which inhibits their natural development.

Children between the ages of 5 and 13, who are working as workers in the country, come from child labor. There is more than 60 million child labor in the country, of which there are more than 20 million girls. This child labor exists sporadically in all parts of the country. In some parts of the country, such as Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, the number of these workers is comparatively more.

The number of increasing child laborers in the country has been a matter of deep concern for the country. If it was not in under control in time, its far-reaching consequences can be very frightening. Our government has declared child labor as an offense, but it can not be diagnosed without reaching the root cause of the problem.

Therefore it is necessary that we first try to understand and remove the root cause. The problem of child labor problem is poverty and illiteracy. As long as there will be starvation in the country and the citizens of the country are not educated, then such problems will remain the same.

Efforts are needed at the administrative, social and personal level & all levels to address the problem of child labor in the country. It is necessary that certain specific schemes should be created and implemented in the country so that the economic level of the people can be strengthened and they should not compel children to labor.

At the administrative level, strict instructions are required to prevent child labor. The problem of child labor at the personal level is the moral obligation of all of us. We should be aware of this and always come forward against it.

We believe our efforts will be meaningful and the problem of child labor can be eradicated. This type of system will be created at the national level so that no child will ever lose his childhood. All of these children will be able to grow in real form and will make the country proud by taking good education.

There is a need to make the law harder so that no one can encourage this mischief. Social revolution is necessary for the diagnosis of the problem of child labor so that people can not question the future of future prospective captains and captains of this country for their vested interests.

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Child Labour refers to the practice of engaging children in economic activities. These children are deprived of primary education and exposed to mental and physical dangers. The curse of child labour has deeply penetrated in Indian society.

Causes: Inadequate number of schools, poverty, and lack of literacy among the parents are some of the causes of child labour. Among these, poverty is the single most dominating stimulant of child Labour.

In the backdrop of extreme economic condition, young children are forced to become wage earners. Further, they are made to work hard without getting adequately remuneration.

Since the school facilities are inadequate, children often don’t find any other meaningful alternative.

Laws: The Indian laws include the Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection) of Children Act, The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, The Factories Act, The Mines Act, etc. The government should make arrangements to ensure that the Child Labour laws are properly followed.

Socio-economic Problem: Children are put to work to earn and provide support to the family. The children aged between eight and fourteen are being largely employed in hotels, tea-shops, restaurants, factories, agriculture, etc. Girl children are also employed as maid-servants, baby-sitters, cooking, house cleaners, clothes washers, etc.

UNICEF: The organization is making several attempts to reduce and abolish the evil system of child labour.

Consequence: Child labour is serious threat to Economic growth. Uneducated children of today cannot contribute much in the economic prosperity of the country.

Initiatives: A National Policy on Child Labour was formulated in 1987 and the Government of India has taken several initiatives to completely eradicate child labour. Due to the lack of co-operation from the society, child labour is still a major problem for the government.

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